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June 15th, 2011

FOR THE BOYS: The summer suit

Hi chaps! Yes it is that time of year again, when you receive that invite in the mail, the invite that gets your fashion nerves racing; its wedding season! Have no fear as I am here! I suggest that if you are attending a summer wedding go for a lighter suit.  Stick to a lightweight (preferably Italian) cotton suit in light grey, seersucker or khaki. It is imperative that the suit is a slim cut and has no more than two buttons. Go for a neutral tie and shirt (if nervous stick to white or blue tones) and for a little excitement you can add a vest, tie clip and pocket square (see above photo for styling guidance). If whipping your jacket off later in the day roll up your sleeves to show off your manly arms and laissez faire attitude! Find the suits, shirts et al in the pics above at www.jcrew.com If you have any questions you can ask me anything in the ‘ASK CLARE’ section on this very website, well almost anything! x

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June 14th, 2011

MUST HAVE: Tom Ford Beauty

Tom Ford has always been someone who’s opinion I value greatly. His taste is impeccable and he always strikes the correct balance of kitsch, retrospection and sexiness in his work. He has just announced the launch of his new make up and skincare line TOM FORD BEAUTY and from what I can gather it will not disappoint. Ford promises vibrant colors and a more simple approach to beauty. I love this particular quote of his: ‘We must understand the face and compensate for the architecture of the face. A nice thick brow is the key to a youthful look’. I couldn’t agree more. Ladies throw out your tweezers and start saving up for the release of TOM FORD BEAUTY in September this year. x

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June 10th, 2011

Is Catherine the chicest of them all?

Being a Brit who lives outside of  my country of origin I remain inherently patriotic and I could not have been more proud of the newly married Duchess of Cambridge as she appeared at a charity event in London last night. She shimmered and radiated in her blush pink gown by British designer Jenny Packam. The Duchess added a down to earth touch to her look with her affordable Lk Bennett shoes. Keep these fashion moments coming Catherine!

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June 7th, 2011

MUST HAVE: The little white dress

Dear Little Black Dress (aka LBD) I hate to be the one to break it to you but you have a serious contender who wants to steal your crown and plant itself firmly on your throne, the Little White Dress (aka LWD). I myself have become a recent convert to the LWD due to its immensely wearable nature. Not only is it a more feminine and much lighter alternative to the old faithful LBD but it is also flattering for all skin tones. During the day I wear with my tan Repetto ballet flats, APC denim tote bag and tortoiseshell sunglasses and in the evening I switch these out for my black heeled ankle boots and my Chanel 2.55 . For a really glamorous evening look do as Kirsten Dunst has and pair your LWD with metallic accessories, I adore her silver Mary-Janes. For your very own Little White Dress I suggest you head to Zara. Enjoy! xo

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June 2nd, 2011


Girls, if you haven’t already hot footed it to your nearest H&M to grab a pair of shoes from their limited edition Hasbeen’s collaboration then stop reading and RUN, NOW! In all sincerity a bargain like this does not occur very often; you can be a proud owner of a pair Hasbeen at H&M shoes for no more than $69, this is no mean feat when they normally retail for $250-$400. I would go sooner rather than later as they are selling out fast!


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June 1st, 2011


When visiting New York last month I was getting ready for a night out in the LES and I had a fashion revelation, or should I say rediscovery. In my outfit choosing chaos I had settled upon my TOPSHOP black leather high waisted mini skirt paired with a chiffon round collar long sleeved blouse. When I was fully buttoned up (right to the very top, don’t forget girls it is the year of the collar!) I had a sudden compulsion which took me by surprise. Rather than tuck my blouse into my mini I found myself tying it into a knot. Yes, a knot. It felt current, comfortable and dare I say it, rather cute. I have since noticed many gorgeous LA girls knotting their shirts and showing a little midriff (now I have hit 30 I choose to avoid this and wear my knotted shirts with high waisted shorts/pants/skirts) and when I set my eyes on this pap shot of Keira I almost swooned. Her lemony yellow pleated chiffon skirt combined with the crisp freshness of her knotted white blouse is pure fashion perfection. I will continue to knot my shirts with abandon and I urge you to do the same! x

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May 31st, 2011


Hello all! Just a quick note to remind you to tune in this week to to watch me make over ‘The Queen of Comfort’ Jessica in a BRAND NEW episode of ‘How Do I Look?’ on the Style Network. In their words ’30-year-old Jessica thinks her confident personality is off-putting to guys- but, in truth, she’s looking for love in a style that says she doesn’t love herself’ And this could not be more true! For this episodes air times this week just click this link http://www.mystyle.com/mystyle/shows/howdoilook/schedule/index.jsp Make sure to tune in and let me know what you think!

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May 26th, 2011


Mischa, you used to be such a fashion maven, what happened? I confess, I used to pore over pictures of Mischa circa The OC days, I coveted her endless collection of Chanel flats and 2.55′s and thought she was a true beauty. Sadly her fashion successes are now few and far between and she seems to have hit an all time low with this comical red/white/black get up, accessorized with the most horrendously cartoonish pair of specs I have ever set my eyes on. MISCHA! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!

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May 24th, 2011

FOR THE BOYS: The chambray shirt

Gents, the chambray shirt is fast becoming a fashion classic for men. It will be an ever reliable addition to your closet and I promise you will live in yours. Wear to the office with a navy blue slim suit and brown brogues, sport it at the weekend with some flat fronted khaki’s and desert boots and on a date wear it with a black cotton slim pant and A.P.C. boots.  Please keep your chambray shirt slim cut, lightweight and devoid of any Western ‘cowboy-esque’ details.  If on a budget head to www.jcrew.com, if you can spend a little more take a look at Rag and Bone’s interpretation www.mrporter.com

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May 23rd, 2011


It is not often that I am rendered speechless but when I first set eyes on this photograph of Mary Kate Olsen I was simply stunned. I feel it is my duty to inform her that ‘Grandma Chic’ should only be utilized in very small does. The fur hat, shapeless calf length dress, floral shawl and lady like handbag is geriatric fashion overkill. The correct way to incorporate a little chic inspired by your Grandmother is with subtlety. Make sure you mix this look up with more modern pieces; think a round neck silk blouse paired with a tailored short or a cashmere cardigan over a floral mini dress. Be warned!

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