April 1st, 2012


When packing for my trip to London and Paris I grabbed my trusty tan Repetto ballet flats but then a wash of hesitation came over me, dare I ask myself the question; are my ballet flats feeling a little tired? Sadly the answer was yes, I had a moment of fashion focus and thought of just as comfortable alternatives. I came to the conclusion that while my ballets flats are eternally chic and will always be easy to wear, a tan Repetto loafer felt far more current and more interesting, a little more sturdy and a better contrast to my favored polka dot maxis and trench coats. Don’t worry my ballet flats are not going anywhere and they are certainly not going to fashion heaven, they are just going to take a little break :) Find your  Repetto loafers at www.openingceremony.com or for a cheaper alternative go to www.stevemadden.com x

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