June 1st, 2011


When visiting New York last month I was getting ready for a night out in the LES and I had a fashion revelation, or should I say rediscovery. In my outfit choosing chaos I had settled upon my TOPSHOP black leather high waisted mini skirt paired with a chiffon round collar long sleeved blouse. When I was fully buttoned up (right to the very top, don’t forget girls it is the year of the collar!) I had a sudden compulsion which took me by surprise. Rather than tuck my blouse into my mini I found myself tying it into a knot. Yes, a knot. It felt current, comfortable and dare I say it, rather cute. I have since noticed many gorgeous LA girls knotting their shirts and showing a little midriff (now I have hit 30 I choose to avoid this and wear my knotted shirts with high waisted shorts/pants/skirts) and when I set my eyes on this pap shot of Keira I almost swooned. Her lemony yellow pleated chiffon skirt combined with the crisp freshness of her knotted white blouse is pure fashion perfection. I will continue to knot my shirts with abandon and I urge you to do the same! x

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