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August 8th, 2014


18 year old British schoolgirl Rosie Tapner is hot on the heels of  her BFF Cara Delevigne, poised and ready to usurp her position of Britain’s Top Model. An equine enthusiast, competitive lacrosse player and boarding school attendee (she is finishing up high school at the super society Downe House), Tapner embodies a sporty, healthy and ultimately preppy spirit which makes a refreshing change to the feline and party loving Cara. Already the face of TOPSHOP and the focus of a fashion film for ID magazine (see here) Tapner’s profile is set to rise…and rise…and rise…!

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May 23rd, 2014


There is nothing I love more than lounge wear, to combine comfort and fashion is simply heavenly and one can achieve that with the NY based line Piamita. Launched in 2011 by a W magazine editor, Piamita’s collection of versatile silk separates can be worn just as easily at an evening soiree with heels as they can at relaxing at home. Inspired by classic society icons Nan Kemper and Talitha Getty, Piamita’s looser cuts and original prints make this line your go to for laissez faire fashion moments. Take a look here x

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February 24th, 2014


Before the current queens of minimalism and classic American style Sofia Coppola and Gwyneth Paltrow reigned there was a member of ‘American’s Royal Family’ Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, that held the throne. When she began to date JFK Jr her white blond mane contrasted with a scarlet red lip and lithe figure gave her such a striking presence that the fashion world sat up and took notice. A fan of simple and classic dressing, Carolyn’s love of slim cut ankle grazing pants and white buttons down’s paid homage to Audrey Hepburn with but with her own contemporary New York twist. A lover of Calvin Klein and Narciso Rodriguez, on the streets of Manhattan you would likely find her wearing a camel cashmere winter coat over a black roll neck, dark cropped jeans and a black leather loafer. At night she would be seen in either head to toe white or black, no prints or colors in sight. Carolyn was not a fan of accessorizing, her only adornments were her wedding ring and a classic Cartier watch but with that hair, figure and scarlet red lip who needs jewelry? I find Carolyn’s pictures to be a never ending source of style inspiration and a reminder to not be a slave to trends, her style looks just as current now as it did back in the 1990′s. It goes to show that it is worth investing in classic well made pieces that stand the test of time. To see more photos of CBK take a look here and here.

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February 10th, 2014


When your mother is famed stylist and socialite Jacqui Getty and your aunt is Marc Jacobs’ number one muse Sofia Coppola, its no surprise that Gia Coppola has evolved into a noted style icon. Her LA roots mixed with her well traveled upbringing have had huge influence on her style; an interesting combo of SoCal’s relaxed aesthetic and Europe’s expensive simplicity. Think cotton button downs and paper thin tee’s paired with Parisian chic simple black leather mini skirts and sharply tailored pants. Her look is classic yet fashion forward and always a surprise, I for one will be keeping a close fashion eye on Ms Coppola, I suggest you do the same.

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February 5th, 2014


I am always on the hunt for a well made, versatile and simple leather bag that doesn’t break the bank and I’m thrilled to say the search is over! A fashion industry friend recently introduced me to the new LA based, California made bag line Geometry. I was immediately drawn to the bags clean lines, impeccable quality and simplicity. In highly practical colors tan, white, navy and black, Geometry bags combine classic style with modern elements; think a ladylike handle purse in the contemporary combination of tan and white (see photo above) or a super practical solid black or tan cross body bag. These are the kind of bags you keep forever that only get better with age, and at accessible price points (the bags range from $190-$585) there is something for everyone. Start your collection of Geometry bags here: www.geometrybags.com

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February 4th, 2014


So having grown tired of the varsity jacket and blazer I looked for a new lightweight layer that I can throw over my striped shirts and white tee’s. As luck would have it I happened upon the silk bomber jacket. Versatile and oh so easy to wear, the bomber can look just as chic with a pencil skirt and heel as it can with a white jean and Superga plimsoll. Wear oversized for a louche relaxed look. I am currently coveting this Equipment bomber, it can be found here www.saksfifthave.com.

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August 25th, 2013


If you read this blog its safe to say that you know I am a true tomboy when it comes to my personal style. Since that fateful day when I turned seven years old and my mother handed over the responsibility of dressing myself, my closet has predominantly comprised of striped tee’s, button downs and crew neck sweaters. So imagine my joy when I discovered the truly inspiring fashion book ‘Tomboy Style’  by Lizzie Garret Mettler at the Clare Vivier store in Silver Lake. I devoured the pages filled with both photographic and written tributes to various tomboy style tribes be it ‘The Adventurer’ tomboy or ‘The Girl Next Door’. All of my style favorites made it into the book; Diane Keaton, Lauren Hutton and Ali MacGraw to name but a few. What I truly loved about this book was not only is it an homage of some of the most fabulous style icons throughout history but it is also a celebration of women’s spirit and aesthetic identity in society over the years. How much I admire those brazen young women who strutted into Brooks Brothers in the 1940′s to buy their blue button down men’s oxford shirts. I take my tomboy hat off to them for their rejection of  girdles and high waist skirts and their embracing of the far more practical loafer and pant; all trademarks of tomboy style. Not only did it give these women aesthetic experimentation but enabled them to live freer and with increased practicality. If anyone tells you that fashion trends don’t have substance and depth send them this book, this proud tomboy says its a must read.

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August 23rd, 2013


I have never been a huge fan of make up and for me less is more; a dab of tinted moisturizer, a curl of the lashes and a swish of Touche Eclat to erase my dark circles and I am good to go. I am of the mind set that heavy make up, especially when you hit your 30′s, can age you. Thick layers of foundation and powder can mask a youthful glow and eyeshadow can enhance emerging wrinkles! If you have good skin and the ability to go make up free a la Nicole Richie vacationing in Italy then go for it! Don’t you think she looks fresh, fashion forward and oh so Euro chic?! I am going to take a leaf out of her book and try a bare faced day. Not only is it a practical option, as I will I save valuable time in the morning, but I may also look a little younger a la Nicole. I am all for the challenge but I must confess..I can’t quite give up my eyelash curlers just yet! Set yourself the bare faced challenge and let me know how you get on! xo

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July 8th, 2013


Living in Los Angeles, its always the dreaded swimsuit season! I have to admit I’m a one piece kind of girl, and I am quite the anomaly here in the sunshine state. Having recently vacayed in Hawaii (where I gladly sported my blue and white striped onesie!) I admired many uber cool surfer girls in their rash guards, striding confidently along the beach. As I slathered on even more factor 50 onto my burning shoulders, I felt truly envious of the surfer girls in their hip, sun safe and colorful surf wear! So imagine by overwhelming joy when I was doing my daily browsing of the JCrew site when I happened upon an entire collection of rash guards! I was confronted with polka dots, Liberty floral’s and stripes galore! Stylish, practical and no more burnt shoulders; could it get any better than that? :)   Get your hands on these pronto: www.jcrew.com

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June 27th, 2013



Its no surprise that the offspring of the original glamazon Jerry Hall and rock god Mick Jagger is strikingly beautiful; and in the modelling scene Georgia Jagger is currently giving the Cara’s and Kate’s a run for their money! Her Brigitte Bardot-esque features and laissez faire attitude are currently advertising brands such Rimmel and Hudson to name but a few. There is no doubt in my mind that Georgia will be around for a long time to come!

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