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June 2nd, 2015


Reading my Mother’s fashion mags as a young girl in England I remember being fascinated by  Joan Collins’ self professed love of baring her shoulders; ‘Darlings your shoulders never age!’ ‘There is no such thing as a saggy wrinkled shoulder!’. Note to self I thought, and this precious thought didn’t come back to me until I hit the grand old age of 34! Joan is so wise! It is true! You can always rely on a nicely exfoliated and moisturized shoulder when you feel the need to bear some skin; its alluring and sexy, yet gamine and innocent at the same time, what could be better than that?! Luckily the ‘off the shoulder’ trend is super en vogue this Spring, so make like Leandra Medine and grab a shoulder freeing top/dress and allure away. I love this white cotton number from H&M here and this super cute denim Alexa Chung for AG moment here. xo

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March 30th, 2015


Mansur Gavriel bags’ low key elegance and clean lines has made them the new must have for every laissez faire fashion girl; the one who shies away from loud logos and extraneous hardware accoutrements. Founded just 2.5 years ago in NY by two such girls, these simply chic and exquisitely Italian made bags are a hot ticket and notoriously difficult to get your hands on. List of stockists, both online and in store’s, here. Good luck! x

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March 23rd, 2015


Being an eternal prepster, nothing has excited me more than the return of the double breasted blazer. For Spring I encourage you to embrace your navy blazers’ fresher, younger sister, the white blazer! Unsurprisingly JCrew’s offering (see above) is exemplary; its perfectly tortoiseshell buttons and beautiful crepe fabric makes it a must have..its also under $200! Find it here xo

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March 19th, 2015


I recently shocked myself when I began to crave the need for overalls in my life, then I came to the realization that they have been slowly seeping into my fashion subconscious via various channels for quite a while; the Alexa Chung for AG collection (which can be found here) includes the most divine cropped slim fitting dungaree that lends itself to a more dressy occasion and one of my favorite places to shop, Madewell is also having a love affair with all things dungarees (see here). I have to admit the overall can be a little tricky to pull off, the main thing to remember is to avoid pairing them with anything too work wear inspired. Balance the boyishness of the overall with a cleaner and more feminine element. Alexa Chung gets it just right by combining the Americana of the denim overall with her European chic ankle tie espadrille and oversize tortoiseshell sunglasses, j’adore! x

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March 17th, 2015


I am always on the look out for a fashion forward and polished flat and am feeling rather tired of the basic ballet flat and loafer. I am currently swooning over JCrew’s Harper leather tassel mules. With their elegant pointed toe and whimsical yet oh so on trend tassel, these mules are a must have shoe for spring. Find them here x


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March 13th, 2015


Now I am a proud wearer of all things pants; Audrey H cropped, Katherine H wide, and the Diane K pleated chino. However sometimes one needs to revisit that mildly controversial pant silhouette, the one that divides all pants wearers to the end, THE FLARE. I have written about flares before on this very blog, but I recently became aware of a trend setting flare wearer that has compelled me to refresh my approach. Fashion Director of Porter Magazine, Gabriele Hackworthy, has long been a devoted wearer of the subversive flare. The key to her successful relationship with them is that she keeps it simple. The pants are black, the layering light. Think a navy double breasted blazer and white tee, or a clean white shirt and solid black fringed cape (beautifully bringing in a little more bohemian influence to her look-see above). Hackworthy ALWAYS wears her black bell’s with vertiginous heels and these are a must. Unless you are Karlie Kloss and 7ft tall NEVER sport a flat with a flare! I have found the perfect Gabriele-esque leg lengthening pair for only $50 here www.hm.com. They are such a bargain grab them PRONTO! x

Photo from Twitter @GabHackworthy

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January 23rd, 2015

Is this fur real?!

I am having a fashion crisis! Normally when it comes to my thoughts on particular trends I am pretty black and white; flatforms? LOATHE metallics in the daytime? LOVE etc etc…but when it comes to ‘faux’ (fun) fur I remain on the fashion fence. When the trend first emerged via the faux fur designer du jour British brand ‘Shrimps’ I chuckled and openly mocked its intentions. But I must confess as I see these colorful and rather huge fluffy coats being sported in different ways (see Alexa above wearing her Shrimps coat in weekend relaxed mode with a hoodie and jeans) I feel a pang of jealousy towards the wearer and wonder if I am missing out!!! I hate to admit to myself that unless you are a)6ft tall b)a size 0-2 or c)a MAW (model, actress-whatever!) then you should probably stay clear of this trend. BUT you can embrace the faux fur fever by grabbing a furry friendly clutch like this one here and here. Have fun with it whatever you do! It sure is a good trend for that! xo

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November 4th, 2014


For fall there is nothing better than mixing a little ‘sportif’ into your look. Take note from the Parisian brand A.P.C. who can always be relied upon for some tomboy style. I particularly love this outfit from their Fall look book; the collegiate baseball jacket pared with the full skirt and simple heel is so wearable and shows you the perfect way to mix some sporting style into your look but still retain your femininity! In fact I loved this look so much I couldn’t resist and acquired this jacket myself, if you too can’t live without this jacket it can be found here but hurry it is selling out FAST!

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October 15th, 2014


After years of belonging in the fashion wilderness, the turtleneck is officially back in style. There are countless benefits to sporting the turtle! As a stylist I have worked with several older actresses who always gravitate to them for their ability to conceal and distract from a not so smooth jawline. Not only do they cover up a loose neck but they elongate it too! The comfort factor can also not be denied, there is nothing better on a cool fall evening than throwing on a gorgeous chunky knit turtleneck and reveling in its blanket like soothing! Also don’t just trust on your turtle for casual eves, combine with a sleek leather or silk pencil, add a high pump and a great bag and you will reach the heights of fall fashion!

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September 22nd, 2014


Thankfully as a married woman I no longer have to gussy myself up for first dates but as a stylist and fashion aide to my single friends I am often curating different looks for their Tinder profile pics and more importantly their first dates! Here are some of my key points when dressing for dating;

-‘Less is more’ When it comes to showing skin, you want to play it cool and keep things a little mysterious and leave your date intrigued. I always suggest a loose silk shirt, unbuttoned accidentally a ‘little too low’ OR worn semi sheer as seen above on Miranda Kerr. It is essential that you wear a beautiful and color appropriate brassiere to give your potential Amour a hint on whats to come in the future! Equipment blouses are my personal favorite and Stella McCartney lingerie is truly exquisite.

-‘Proportion is a priority’. If you are going for the looser fit blouse you have to balance your proportions and go for a form fitting skinny black pant or dark denim jean. Keep the pants rise hip hugging and for an added dash of ‘I didn’t try too hard’ indulge in the ‘half tuck’. Avoid the fashion forward high rise pant, it’s tricky to pull off and  men just simply don’t get it!

-‘Forgo the flat’. Ladies this is not the time for you new Repetto loafer or Loeffler Randall flat boot, if you are going for the silk blouse/skinny jean combo then it is imperative that you sport a heel. Vertiginous Louboutin platforms do not get my vote, I suggest you go for a simple strappy sandal or a chic suede pump, (which can be found here).

-‘Approach finishing touches with caution’.  A first date is not a testing ground for cutting edge make up trends and over sized statement jewelry, instead think ‘no make up make up’ (Nars ‘Orgasm’ blush never fails), delicate stacked rings and a small pendant necklace (my favorite subtle jewelry of all time is by Williamsburg based Catbird.).

With these tips I think you will be all set but if anyone needs additional guidance feel free to ask me any dating fashion ?’s in the ”Get Clareified’ section on this site. Bon chance!

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